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Service Protocol | Muhammad Amin Muhammad Qaseem

Service Protocol

  • Inland transportation
  • Route and bridge surveys
  • Marine surveys
  • Cargo surveys
  • Heavy lift planning and execution
  • Logistics process analysis and optimization
  • Load tracking and reports
  • Supervision of port operations for heavy lifts and over-dimensional cargo.
  • Regulatory and security compliance
  • Planning around goals and objectives
  • End-to-end cargo management and tracking
  • Key-skills and processes to manage our project logistics team
  • Risk management and contingency planning at all levels including insurance
  • Team processes, facilitation skills and stages of project development
  • Pre-understanding key project success and failure factors within their workplace
  • Monitoring and supervision from start to end with zero defect approach.
  • Project evaluation, structures of evolution reports and project closures
  • Identify and determine tactics to involve appropriate stakeholders in the project management process.
  • Export packing
  • Document translation
  • Complete documentation
  • Port and off-site warehousing
  • Cost analysis to optimize pricing and sourcing
  • Freight negotiation and carrier cost maintenance

Project cargo consolidation and line-item verification