Customs Consultancy

Our Core Expertise

We are continuously enhancing our systems to meet regulatory requirements to understand customers needs, and process efficiencies as well as interpretation of customs law and regulations.
Our Team will guide and consult you through the complexities of the import process to ensure your total compliances. We understand the critical importance of strict customs compliances, and have the knowledge and expertise required to engage the project cargo import & export customs clearance process.
Our combination of product management, field operations, and professional services allow us to provide the perfect set of skills that is necessary for complete Customs expertise. We customized our core services to meet and exceed customers objectives with compliant business code of conduct and ethics.

Our Commitment

  • Presentation of shipment with ownership
  • Time bound customs clearance.
  • Simplifying Complexities of the import process to ensure critical importance of compliance.
  • Expertise to engage the Project Cargo Import & Export clearance process.
  • Well versed knowledge / interpretation of customs rules and regulations.
  • Understand the dynamics of import entry procedures, Goods declaration, SRO’s, PCT’s.
  • Understanding of Concessionary SRO’s, classification of product codes.
  • Ensure inbound – outbound movement while ensuring compliance.
  • Protect shipment from an array of delays, fines and penalties from all government agencies etc.