• Goldhofer 14 Multi Axle Line Platform
  • 70 Units of Heavy Low Bed Trailers Tridem, Drop Deck 42ft Coupled With 6×4 Prime Movers
  • 60 Units of High Bed Trailers Tridem; 42ft Coupled With 4×2 & 6×4 Prime Movers.
  • 30 Units of Medium Lift Vehicles
  • Gave all types of Hydraulic / Mechanical Cranes.
  • Forks Lifts of different capacities.
  • Lashing Slings, Spreaders, and Spindles of different Capacity.
  • MAN Bolster Traction Tractor Heads 6×6 All Wheel Drive, Engine Cap 400 To 480 Hp
  • Large Scale Warehouses in Karachi (5 Acre) & Islamabad (5 Acre) With All Handling, Lifting Equipment’s.


We have leading strong transport team enough capable to undertake large scale project shipments as well as we are fully backed up by International & Local top Heavy Lift Transporters by utilizing any sort of heavy lifting & transportation equipment as and when required during the projects execution.