Paksitani transportation firm Muhammad Amin Muhammad Qaseem has completed delivery of a cargo of two 70-tonne transformers to the Patrind Hydro Power Project.

The consignment was collected from a warehouse in Islamabada and was moved to the Patrind site on eight multi-axle platforms with a push-and-pull configuration of prime movers. Due to the difficult terrain and danger of landslides, the project team reinforced large parts of the sliding area track with 10 tonnes of steel plates so the transformers could move forward easier.

“The two transformers arrived at Karachi Port and were transported to the MAMQ warehouse in Islamabad with one transformer on a 12 multi-axle platform and the other one on an 8 multi-axle platform,” said Waseem Abbasi, MAMQ Project Manager.

MAMQ is a member of the Project Cargo Network, or PCN, a global network comprising 221 specialist members and employing 16,756 staff in 102 countries.